The SABPP EEDT Awards creates a platform through which public recognition can be given to South African organisations that have excelled in Employment Equity and Diversity Transformation.

The purpose of the awards is to stimulate, grow and excellence within the field by acknowledging transformational initiatives, showcasing industry best practice and advocating innovation approaches to the creation of equity, equality and inclusion.

The EEDT Summit  aims to create an opportunity for companies to benchmark against industry leaders and stimulate creative collaboration and networking opportunity within the EEDT fraternity.

The SABPP EEDT Awards and Gala Dinner will be hosted at the Wanderers Club in Johannesburg on 11 September 2019

The SABPP EEDT Awards will be presented in seven categories:

1. Employment Equity, Diversity and Transformation Overall Award 2019

2. HR Best Enabling Environment Award 2019

3. Diversity and Inclusion Award 2019

4. Barriers Analysis and Affirmative Action Measures Award 2019

5. Change Agent Award 2019

6. Disability Equity Employer Award 2019

7. Gender Equity Employer Award 2019

Why should your organisation participate? 

Participation in the SABPP EEDT Awards offers the following benefits:

  • Receiving an award will promote and showcase your companies EEDT achievements.
  • Receiving publicity in the media of your achievements at the Gala Dinner.
  • Accentuating your achievements through generating publicity in media.
  • Being entitled to use the announcement of your award with the EEDT logo for the year of the awards in your organisation’s letterheads, corporate brochures, newsletters and websites to enhance your organisations public image.
  • Gaining status and recognition as a transformation champion.
  • Including your achievement when submitting tenders and negotiating new business opportunities, thereby enhancing your brand as well as your competitive edge.