The SABPP, EES-SIYAKHA and TDCI joined forces in 2018 to host both the Annual EEDT Summit and the Inaugural SABPP EEDT Awards. The essence of these events is aptly mirrored by the spirit of collaboration between the three parties, and their quest for stimulating excellence and professionalism within the EEDT industry.

SABPP is the professional body for HR practitioners in South Africa, as well as the quality assurance body for HR learning provision. SABPP also accredits the HR academic programmes of universities. SABPP's role is to ensure that HR becomes an increasingly recognised and respected profession in accordance with the new SAQA policy on professional bodies. The board is an accredited ETQA under the SAQA Act and thus a statutory body.

EESSIYAKHA is a Level 2 B-BBEE Transformation Consultancy that has focused on EE transformation for the past 17 years, specialising in partnering with its clients in turning Employment Equity (“EE”) Compliance to their business advantage, by implementing EE strategically and effectively using EE Best Practice principles. To this end, EESSIYAKHA has developed a number of methodologies, tools, approaches and processes, including Equity Pro, an EE Goal Setting and Management Software application, which, coupled with high level consulting expertise, it uses to assist it clients. EES-SIYAKHA has co-hosted the EEDT Summit with TDCI since 2011.               

TDCI Training and Development is a Business Psychology Consulting Firm that specialise in the fields of Diversity and Inclusion, Organisational Development and Leadership Development. TDCI was established in 2006 and has an extensive track record in both the public and private spheres.  TDCI present a variety of customised Diversity Management, Diversity and Inclusion, as well as Diversity Train the Trainer Programmes and also hosts a number of EEDT events such as The Diversity Indabas, The Robben Island Diversity Experience, The EEDT Summit and The Disability Equity Conference.