Elizabeth Dhlamini-Kumalo is chairperson of the SABPP HR Governance Committee, a pioneering structure to build HR Governance nationally. As previous chairperson of SABPP, she played a key role in the transformation of SABPP, including the adoption of the HR Voice Strategy and the development of the National HR Standards. Previously she was HR Director of Sandvik Mining and Construction. She played a key leadership and strategic business role and lead the development and implementation of new HR models that defined core and non-core business  integrating transformation and human resource strategies. Elizabeth was the chairperson of the National Assembly of Women, founder member of the Women’s National Coalition. Elizabeth has a Masters Degree in Management specialising in HR. Moderator: Ethics and Governance

Jan Munnik is the founder and Managing Director of EES-SIYAKHA. Jan has specialised in EE for the past 20 years and is regarded as one of the leading experts in EE transformation. He has delivered papers at many conferences on EE and related topics and consults to several leading organisations and government institutions. Jan practised as an advocate at the Bar for over 10 years. His passion for people and their fair and equitable treatment led him to specialise in Human Rights, Labour Law and Industrial Relations.  He has developed groundbreaking work that includes, inter alia, Equity Pro, the most sophisticated EE Planning and Monitoring Software Tool on the market, and an EE Best Practice Framework Model that has been embraced by  clients in implementing EE transformation effectively. 
Moderator: Overall Award, Change Agent​ Award

Marius Pretorius is the MD of TDCI Training and Development, and has more than 25 years’ experience as a people and organisational change agent. He is a registered Industrial and Organisational Psychologist and completed a PHD in Consulting Psychology at UNISA. HIs doctorate thesis was on The Workplace Diversity (r)evolution: Adaptive intelligence for an emergent age. Marius has extensive experience in the fields of individual and organisational excellence, strategic diversity management and organisation wellness and engagement. He has been a driving force behind the creation of events such as The Power of Difference, several Diversity Indabas, the Annual EEDT Summit, the Robben Island Diversity Experience, and the Disability Equity and Talent Management Blueprint Conferences. Moderator: Diversity and Inclusion Award, Disability Employer Award, Gender Equity Award​

John Dickerson is a senior HR, EE and OD consultant. He has extensive experience in Human Resources, both as a corporate practitioner and consultant. He has helped many high-profile companies to bring their HR systems in line with best practices. Much of this consulting has been to the Public Service at National, Provincial and Local levels, where Performance Management, Recruitment and Selection and EE transformation have been the main areas of assistence. He now helps organisations to comply with the requirement of Section 19 of the EE Act by facilitating the identification of barriers in the employer’s policies, practices, procedures and working environment by EE Committes. He also develops the resultant Affirmative Action measures for inclusion in employers' EE Plans. 
Moderator: HR Enabling Environment Award, Barriers Analysis and Affirmative Action Measures Award​